Music at TAA

As a progressive reform congregation, we strongly believe in the importance and delight of music, instrumental accompaniment, and singing adding to the importance of the Shabbat, High Holy Day and Festival experiences.  From welcoming the Sabbath with L’Cha Dodi to closing our services with Adon Olam, the gift of music is deeply embedded in the spirit of our liturgy.

Our musical programming is directed by accompanist Dr. Alan Gold, whose 18 years of experience with our congregation have immeasurably added to the joy of celebrating Shabbat as a community.  Alan is also the director and arranger of the Temple’s Adult Volunteer Choir, a talented group of individuals who diligently prepare special arrangements for High Holy Day services and some events throughout the year.

We also feature lively musical performances and participation at our Religious School Shabbats, Simchat Torah, Chanukah, Tu B’shvat, and Purim festivals. Each year, Alan and our members produce a “Purimspiel”, a musically unique take on the book of Esther. In addition to our Shabbat and Holy Days, musical programming, we also feature music at some of our events which also shine the spotlight on some of our most talented singers in the congregation.

For more information on our musical programming, or to find out how to participate, please call the Temple office at (413) 442-5910, or e-mail us at