Mason Library

Julius and Rose Adler Mason Library

Welcome to the Julius and Rose Adler Mason Library!  Generously endowed by the late Charlotte Mason in honor of her parents, our library has grown to host over 2,500 titles covering a wide array of subjects, including Jewish History, Fiction, Rabbinic literature, Holocaust, American Jewry, Music, Reference Materials, Biographies, Theology, and much more.  All are easily accessible to visitors in search of a good book.

Our library is also home to our Congregation's Book Club which meets the third Thursday of the month. New members are always welcome to join in with a brown bag lunch and lively conversation. 
For more information on the next meeting date, time and book title, contact the Temple office at (413) 442-5910 or email us at

The Temple always welcomes and appreciates donations to our Library Fund in memory of a loved one or in honor of a special individual.

The library is also home to the Mervin Wineberg Memorial Chapel and to the Temple's Tree of Life.