Taa Committees


Chairpersons: Andrew Hochberg & Howard Shapiro

The By-Laws committee regularly reviews and revises the by-laws which the congregation approves and the Board of Directors implements.


Chairpersons: Faith Newmark and Maxine Wisbaum

The Caring committee strives to aide Temple members in need of assistance, including providing rides, meals, and special requests.


Chairperson: Andrew Hochberg

The Cemetery committee is responsible for managing our congregation’s burial property in Pittsfield Cemetery and for making arrangements with members or non-members for plot purchases, when necessary.

Community Dinner

Chairperson: Robyn Rosen

The Community Dinner committee manages the food purchase, preparation, and cooking of our delicious monthly congregational dinners.



The Development committee maps out the short and long term needs of the congregation's building and financial status, and identifies methods of seeking support to ensure the long term success of the congregation's future.


Chairperson: Ed Slomin

The Endowment committee maintains the Temple’s endowment funds, some of which are established both in honor of dedicated members’ service to the congregation, and others dedicated to the memories and legacies of loved ones.


Chairperson: Nancy Gagnon, Vice-Chairperson: Andrew Hochberg

The finance committee oversees the finances of Temple operations and provides a yearly budget overview at our annual meeting for membership approval.

Hilda Vallin Feigenbaum Lecture

Chairpersons: Jackie Browner, Josh Cutler and Andrew Hochberg

The Feigenbaum Lecture committee identifies and contracts with distinguished speakers for our renowned lectures dedicated to the memory of Hilda Vallin Feigenbaum. The lecture is held annually, in the fall, in our sanctuary.


Chairperson: Robert Proskin, Co-Chairperson: Alba Passerini

The House committee is responsible for overseeing the upkeep of and repairs and renovations to, when necessary, the interior and exterior of the Temple building.


Chairperson: Andrew Hochberg

The Kelm committee oversees the Temple’s bequest from the late Harriet and Isabella Kelm, and the selections by the Rabbi of college students who were graduates of the Temple’s religious school to receive scholarships. Kelm scholars are asked to address the congregation on Judaism in their lives as part of their scholarship requirements.


Chairperson: Debora Cole-Duffy

The leadership committee works to ensure continuity between spiritual and lay leadership by developing reliable and accountable leadership and management structures, as well as identifying new candidates in the Temple's community to take roles on the board of directors and committtees



The Library committee is responsible for the maintenance, cataloguing, and upkeep of the Temple’s large collection of books, periodicals, and reference materials.



The Membership committee works to develop initiatives which will attract new members to the congregation.


Chairperson: Rachel Alemany

Our Programming committee works with fellow committee chairs to develop a comprehensive array of events throughout the year which appeal to our members with a broad spectrum of interests, including dinners, guest speakers, musical events, new member functions, and much more.



Our Publicity committee crafts stories and press releases for local print and electronic media in order to publicize our Temple’s events.

Religious Education

Chairpersons: Sharon Rawlings and Robyn Rosen

The Religious Education committee works closely with the Rabbi and our educators to craft comprehensive curriculum and engaging programming for both our youth and adult education programs.

Social Action

Chairpersons: Jane & Larry Pellish

Our Social Action committee develops programming and encourages volunteer work in order to help the Temple make a difference in our community.


Chairperson: Howard Shapiro with Eric Drayman & Josh Cutler

The Technology committee is responsible for the management & oversight of the Temple's database; it also oversees all content on the Temple's website.  Further it is responsible for maintenance and upgrading of the Temple’s computer systems.

Women of Reform Judaism (WRJ)

Chairpersons:  Judy Stolzberg

The WRJ is the sisterhood of Temple Andhe Amunim and identifies programs of interest to the women of the Temple and also projects that it wishes to support throughout the year.


Chairperson: Phil Halpern

The Worship committee works closely with the Rabbi to craft meaningful Shabbat and Holiday services and evaluates new prayer books and Torah commentaries for potential use in our services.

We are always looking for energetic people with innovative ideas to contribute to our committees. If you are interested in helping out, or would like to sit in on a committee meeting to learn and listen, please contact an indiviual committee chairperson, or contact the Temple office at (413) 442-5910, or by e-mail at  Please check our calendar page for a complete listing of upcoming committee meetings.