Shabbat services are a special and lively part of life at Temple Anshe Amunim.  In his sermons, Rabbi Josh emphasizes to the congregation that Shabbat is time for us to “slow down” and enjoy the beauty of Creation.  Our services provide for a spiritually and musically enriching welcome to the Sabbath, and set a peaceful tone for our members and visitors.

Our congregation now embraces Mishkan T'filah, the latest siddur published by the CCAR.  This siddur encourages group participation through English readings and full Hebrew transliterations.  The Women of Reform Judaism have graciously supported the purchase of our Shabbat-Only copies of Mishkan T'filah.

During the past several years, our Saturday morning Shabbat services have been enriched by our increasing use of The Torah: A Women’s Commentary, which provides a gender-nuanced interpretation of the teachings of the Torah.  Rabbi Gunther Plaut’s Torah Commentary is still the basis of many of our lively weekly discussions.

Our congregation follows Shabbat services with an opportunity to nosh and socialize.  Additionally, once a month we share a delicious congregational dinner after services.  Throughout the year, we also prepare festive onegs.  If you are interested in sponsoring one of these onegs, contact Worship Committee Chair June Waldman.

Come join us for a lively and festive Shabbat and enjoy the warmth that community can bring!

Shabbat Service Schedule

Friday Evenings: 5:30 PM

Saturday Morning Torah Study: 9:30 AM

Saturday Morning Services: 10:45 AM

Be sure to check our Calendar page for any changes in service times

Rides are available for those who do not have transportation to Temple.  For more information, call (413) 442-5910, or e-mail us at templeoffice@rnetworx.com




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