Keren Weiner, Office Manager

Keren Weiner began as Office Manager in November of 2009 and has quickly put her skills and experience to work. Keren is an indispensable part of our team as she handles much of the work which allows for services and events to run smoothly. When you call the Temple's office, Keren's friendly voice is the first you will hear!

Keren's responsibilities include ensuring smooth operations within the facility, working with the Rabbi and Temple board members on day-to-day activities, and working in conjunction with the Jewish Federation to publicize programming and events. She is our guide in maintaining the various and sundry tasks necessary to maintain the vitality of the congregation.

A native of Iowa, Keren is a resident of Pittsfield. Her careers in the Berkshires have included grant writing and nonprofit administration. Keren also maintains a special interest in researching Jewish geneaology.

Keren can be reached by calling the Temple at (413) 442-5910, or by email at


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